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You would like to know HOW to order...

We gladly assist you with the following explanation.

First we need a few minutes of your time, so that you can give us the following details:

  • up-load your photo (electronically)
  • choose your dimensions; adding a remark or question
  • give your full details: address,...
  • confirm your order

You will automatically get an e-mail message from us, so you know your image and information reached us.
Afterwards we ask a little bit of patience from you. We need to check everything; if necessary we will contact you through e-mail for any remarks or questions, to clarify the order.

After check-up you will receive an e-mail with the price and instructions so complete the payment. Once paid (and not sooner), we start to prepare en produce/weave your tapestry.
And than you can relax, while we take care of every detail.
Within 4 weeks you will receive a message from us, about the shipment of your tapestry.